1. Will I be a good fit for the space? Most likely, but check here just in case.
  2. Is the membership really month to month? Yes!
  3. When will I be billed? On the first of every month. (We prorate if you don't start on the 1st.)
  4. How do I get on the internet? If you're a guest, use Irontek Public WiFi (it won't ask for a password). If you're a member, you will be given the password for the member-only network.
  5. What is the cancellation policy? Provide 30 days written (or email) notice to the Community Manager. Any less than 30 days, and you will be charged for the following month.
  6. Where can I see a list of events? We're working on a calendar as we speak. For now, just follow us on social media - especially our Facebook and Meetup pages.
  7. Where can I work while an event is going on? In any available shared space or conference room. But we'd prefer that you join us for the event!
  8. How do I book a conference room? You can only view the booking calendar if you are already a member and have access to the member site. If you are not a member and are in need a conference room, contact the Community Manger.
  9. How much does it cost to rent the conference rooms? Visit this page for prices. Members get conference room credits and discounted rates!
  10. Can I receive mail here? Yes, but only if you are a monthly member. We will not forward mail if/when you leave, so remember to change your address!
  11. How do I know if I received a package? If you're not on-site at the time, the Community Manager will email you and schedule a time for pick-up.
  12. How do I access the printer? Contact the Community Manager to download the print driver and set up an access code.
  13. Is there a fax machine? Do they still make those? If you're renting an office and need access to a fax machine, feel free to bring one in.
  14. Does my membership include office supplies? To a certain extent. Irontek supplies paper and toner for the copy machine, as well as plates and bowls, utensils, coffee cups, and other kitchen supplies. We have a small stash of other office supplies - just ask if you need to borrow something.
  15. Am I responsible for dishes? Yes. The dishwasher will be run when it gets full.
  16. Is it okay to work in the kitchen? Yes. The tables are equipped with outlets.
  17. What's up for grabs? Coffee, snacks and beer (if you're of age, of course.) If you use the last of something, let the Community Manager know.
  18. Refrigerator use? Left fridge: lunches, personal items, etc. Right fridge: shared items. Don't forget to label your food!
  19. Free Coffee? We have a Keurig for individual use and a drip machine/carafes for meetings.
  20. How does recycling work? We recycle bottles, cans, paper and cardboard. Receptacles are marked and in the break room.
  21. It's too cold/hot in here, who should I tell? Email the Community Manager. Keep in mind that we can't please everyone, so be sure to dress in layers if you're picky.
  22. Is there a lost and found? All lost and found items should be turned into and picked up from the Community Manager's office.
  23. How do I contact the Community Manger?! Contact info is listed in the footer of the webpage.