You're an entrepreneur or small startup looking for the next step.

You have an idea that could be "the next big thing".

You love technology more than you love puppies. (We actually love dogs and you can totally bring them to work.)

You work from home and are dying to interact with other humans during your work day. (If you've been talking to your computer a lot lately, this one's for you.)

You're tired of visiting a noisy coffee shop every day just because their WiFi is more reliable than your basement's.

You own a business and want to expand into new markets (or across state lines).

You try to surround yourself with people who "think big".

You haven't met someone new in over a week.

You need flexible conference space that doesn't remind you of the early 90's.

You think they should sell coffee in IV form.

You've said "I hate working in a cubicle".

You're not a "nine-to-fiver".